Business rates


Below are CR Computers current Business rates

Non Maintenance Contract Rates

On-site Microsoft Workstation/Desktop Support - $129.99 per hour
On-site Networking Support (Level 1)- $139.99 per hour
On-site Macintosh Support - $149.99 per hour
On-site Networking Support (Level 2+)- $199.99 per hour
On-site Microsoft Server Support - $199.99 per hour
On-site Unix Server Support - $249.99 per hour
Emergency Response (working hours)* - 1.5 times the hourly rate for that service
Emergency Response (Between 5pm and 8am and weekends) – 2 times the hourly rate for that service
On-site Computer Training/Coaching - $89.99 per hour
Remote and Phone support to be billed at 50% of the above standard rates

Note: All Non support contract clients will be charged a mandatory “On-Site Service Charge” equal to the hourly rate for the service to be performed, the first 30 minutes of service is included with this “On-Site Service Charge”.
Note: No Retainer Deposit is required for Non support contract rates
Note: Rates apply to business location within Nassau and Suffolk County only (All other locations will be negotiated at a premium rate.)

Please inquire about our discounts for Maintenance Contracts and Block Service Hours.

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