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CR Computer Outsourcing and Consulting Services.

Imagine having a full time IT Staff without the responsibilities of salaries, benefit's, insurance, training and management. By Outsourcing your IT needs you get full time staff of experienced technologist that specialize in your particular area of need.

Many times Outsourcing is associated with offshore call centers and low quality help, however this is not the case. Outsourcing with CR Computer is about hiring technology specialists to fill in the gaps in your business.

“Most look at outsourcing from the point of view of cutting costs, which I think is a delusion. What outsourcing does is greatly improve the quality of people who still work for you. I believe you should outsource everything for which there is no career track that could lead to senior management”

Peter Drucker, Fortune, 1/12/04

Outsourcing provides many avenues of increasing profit and efficiancy in your organization here are just some ways:

  • Reduce overhead, free up resources
  • Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure
  • Offload non-core functions
  • Redirect energy and personnel into the core business
  • Free your executive team from day-to-day process problems
  • Focus resources on mission-critical projects
  • Get access to specialized skills
  • Reduce need for internal commitment of specialists
  • Save on manpower and training costs
  • Level out cyclical or seasonal fluctuations
  • Eliminate peak staffing problems
  • Provide the best quality services, products and people
  • Establish long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers to gain a competitive edge
  • Benefit from the provider's expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements
  • Leverage the provider's extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people
  • Reduce the overall management burden while retaining control of strategic decision making