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For ten years CR Computer has been recovering lost, deleted and corrupt files for users just like you. Whether you have a Desktop or Server we can recover your data. We have recovered thousands of deleted files, damaged hard disks from impact damage to fires and floods.

Clients come to CR Computer to recover their important data (Documents, images, audio files, video files, database files, even passwords.) because we offer fast and affordable service with various levels of recovery all starting at $99.00 dollars.

CR Computer can recover data from your Desktop or Laptop. CR Computer can recover Raid array's as well as Flash drives and Camera cards. CR Computer can recover from a wide array of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac.

"After a major power surge in our computer room our Dell server would not power on. We called CR Computer and within 18 hours they saved our customer database and restore all our accounting information. We did not realize how important our data was until it was gone, now we understand how every minute counts and we're glad CR Computer could get our data back faster then other recovery companies. " - Read More

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With every desktop or Laptop data recovery

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Recovery Services include - Laptop Recovery
Desktop Recovery
Server Recovery
RAID Recovery
Thumb Drive / Backup Hard Drive Recovery
Oracle® Recovery
Tape Recovery
Email Recovery
File Recovery
Digital Photo Recovery
Mobile Device Recovery
VMware® Recovery
Deletion Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Virus Recovery
Format Recovery
Impact Recovery