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CR Computer Technology Procurement.

Purchasing Technology hardware and software is an art.

  • First you must know the customers problem and how to solve it.
  • Then you must know what products are going to do the job properly.
  • You must know what are the latest products are and where to purchase them.
  • You must make sure your chosen product is the appropriate revision.
  • You must make sure that the product is both reliable and affordable.
  • You must be sure the vendor is going to support the product appropriately.
  • You must know the products warranty policy.
  • You must know if the product is compatible with the clients current products.
  • After you have successfully determined the appropriate product you must find a trusted distributor and make sure the product is the exact specs you need.
  • Often times a product can be drastically discounted just by choosing the wrong revision and then your newly purchased product is no longer supported, warrantied or compatible.

CR Computer has mastered the art of purchasing hardware and software and has the vendor relationships to make procuring technology fast, affordable and accurate. CR Computer's relationships and certifications also provide buying power and more extensive support services.