How Fast is CR Computer? Most computers are Repaired in 24 hours

FREE Estimate - CR Computer will examine your current technical problem and give you an approximate calculation of the cost of the repair.

Reinstall - Format your hard drive and reinstall Windows operating system with a Customer supplied operating system License Key. Your computer is like new!

Desktop - $119.99
Laptop - $119.99

Clean-up - Hand remove any viruses, spyware and software errors as well as delete unwanted files and Optimize your system.

Desktop - $179.99
Laptop - $179.99

New Computer Setup - Uninstall any unwanted software and optimize your new computer.

Desktop - $119.99
Laptop - $119.99

Free estimate is not applicable to devices that will not power on, boot to the operating system and/or require Data recovery. All devices that do not qualify for a free estimate are subject to a $49.00 diagnostic Charge.

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