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CR Computer Network & Technology Relocation Services.

Many Businesses underestimate the complexity of moving their business network from one office to the other. One of the best times to analyze and upgrade your network and technology equipment is during the planning stages of an office relocation. It is more efficient and affordable to update your existing technology while your users are offline. If you need your business up and running when they come to work on Monday after a move then call CR Computer and let us show you how to make your office move simple and more profitable.

CR Computer provides a comprehensive technology relocation service, we know how important it is to limit your downtime and make sure your equipment is moved safely.

Services include:

  • Planning
  • Evaluation of Existing Infrastructure & Equipment
  • Telephone System
  • Network Equipment
  • Servers, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Workstations, Laptops
  • Evaluation of New Facility
  • Power Requirements
  • Ventilation Requirements
  • Network Infrastructure Requirements
  • Data & Voice Needs
  • Breakdown of Existing Equipment
  • Labeling and Properly Packaging Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Installation of Systems at New Facility
  • Post Installation Testing
  • Post Installation Support