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CR Computer Server Support.

Few businesses realize the impact a server crash can have on their business until it's too late. Recent studies show that 70% of small businesses that experience a server crash with data loss go out of business within a year.

Proactive maintenance and proper troubleshooting can help prevent downtime and data loss. Most companies place 70% of their critical data on their server and only 15% of companies regularly check their server backup's. Surprisingly most companies maintain 30% of their critical data right on their employee's desktop workstations and only 5% of companies even backup their employee workstations.

The simple fact is that all systems have a 100% failure rate, meaning every system will eventually crash. It's is our job to maintain these systems and proactively upgrade them before they reach their end of life.

CR Computer has many server based skills including:

  • Windows 2008, 2003, 2000 and NT servers
  • Linux and Unix servers
  • Novell servers
  • File servers
  • Email servers
  • Domain controllers
  • DNS servers
  • DHCP servers
  • SQL servers